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  1. IG Name: Treize

    Steam Name: Treize

    Age: 13.8 billion years

    Country you live in: Merica

    Why you should be Admin:
    So a Photon walked into a hotel to stay the night, and the bellhop asked if he could take the Photons bags. The Photon said “I don’t have any bags, I’m traveling light.”

    So a man and a giraffe walk into a bar and get hammered. As the man is leaving the bartender says “Hey you can’t leave that lying there!” The man replied “That’s not a lion, thats a giraffe.”

    1. Your age is mind boggling. Sorry but you appear to be to old to carry out the full functions of an Admin. Denied!

  2. IG Name: Sir_BulletSponge

    Steam Name: BulletSponge478

    Age: None of your damn business

    Country you live in: Merica’

    Why you should be an Admin: Cause I’m a mothin’ fuckin’ redneck duh!

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    Steam Name: Peacemaker044


    Country you live in: America

    Why you should be an Admin:
    I think that I should be an admin because I will not abuse it I will purge those who only seek to bring trouble to your server and. I will also invite more people and get the servers fame up by advertising.

      1. I couldn’t agree more about grctaieirs. I miss sitting with some of the elderly individuals I used to help and they would tell me stories for hours about the things that they witness when they were younger, and the lives that they lived up to the point that they needed care. I have always felt that the elderly know how to live their lives better than anyone, and they for sure never take it for granted! Sometimes the people taking care of them are not good people though, and it always breaks my heart to see someone talking badly to an elderly man or woman.I like how you made a switch from little tiny babies that have no real experience with life, to elderly men and women who have lived life to its fullest and still have more life to share with others. Such opposites!

    1. Oct. 22, 2012WHAT: Chicken for Children fundraiser for the Dr. Bill Lewis Center for Children frinueatg Nelson’s barbecued chicken dinnerWHEN: 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Oct. 31WHERE: Free delivery in Fort Wayne or pick up at Plymouth Congregational Church, 501 W.Berry St.TO ORDER: Call (260)750-8032 or email Rebecca Nix at . Orders will be taken until 500 dinners are sold. Dinners sell out fast so ORDER NOW!COST: $9/meal includes: bd Nelson’s chicken & Pit-Tatoes,™ green beans, bread/butter and a treat. **Great time-saver for Halloween night or enjoy for lunch at your place of work or home! All proceeds benefit the Dr. Bill Lewis Center for Children which provides forensic interviews of child victims of alleged sexual abuse.

  4. IG Name: Xavier_Harkonnen

    Steam Name: KnuddelWuddel

    Age: 16

    Country you live in: United States

    Why you should be an Admin: The reason for me wanting to become an admin is to have a server with no trolls, rdmers, and script kiddies.. And to have the server running functioning without problems.

      1. For me, choosing a meidacl specialty is easy. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work as a Dermatologist Tech prior to moving to Alaska. What an amazing field! No two cases are the same and more than one type of procedure can be performed in a day. Working for a dermatologist provides the benefits of both a private office setting and hours along with the experience of surgeries and unique treatments. Cyst removals and cancer treatments became the most interesting procedures to me and I can not wait to get back into the field!There are not many positions or specialties I would turn down when it comes to the meidacl field. If I had to pick one, however, it would have to be gynecology. Why would this be the field I turn down? I am honestly not sure. I must be lacking the gene the would cause me to be interested in the subject! For whatever reason I would choose to work anywhere else before choosing gynecology. Specialty clinics are like sushi I guess. How do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it?!

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  5. IG Name: Altair2455

    Steam Name: [HS]Altair2455


    Country: USA

    Why you should be an admin: I use the ts server pretty much everyday and feel it is a duty to clean it of the scum of Bulletsponge478, WAIT I MEAN TROLLS.

    1. Christmas Cookie Walk at Agape Church of the BrethrenDon’t have time to make homemade coikeos or candy for the holidays? Don’t like to bake? Have a last minute get-together and need dessert? We have the solution for YOU! Come to the “Christmas Cookie Walk” at Agape Church of the Brethren, 11610 Lima Rd. (between Carroll and Dupont Roads) on Saturday, December 8, from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon. We will have many different varieties to tempt your taste buds. Some of the coikeos featured will be: holiday cut-outs, buckeyes, peanut butter blossoms, monster coikeos, and many more. We will also have a limited number of homemade Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples decorated for Christmas. Mark your calendars and get there early for best selection of these yummy treats at only $6.00/lb. Proceeds will be used for Women’s Fellowship projects and Outreach Ministries.In addition, holiday and gift items, handmade by Agape craftpersons, will be sold. A variety of wooden, quilted, knitted, crocheted, and “crafty” specialties are available with proceeds going to the Agape Women’s Fellowship projects. AND the youth group will be selling HUGE jelly beans as a fund raiser for their activities.Lots will be happening – hope you can join us! For more information call the church office at 260-489-6908.

  6. IG Name: Sir_BulletSponge

    Steam Name: BulletSponge478

    Age: 16

    Country you live in: United States of America

    Why you should be an Admin: I think, nay I know that I should be an admin because I will abide by all rules that will be given by our glorious leader Vortex. I will also uphold anyone who breaks the rules and bring him to the justice of the Sun!

      1. A psychiatrist is a phiyicsan who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. I have a bachelor’s degree in the social services field. For several years, I have worked with children who have been diagnosed with mental disorders. It is upsetting to see children victimize at an early age and even more disturbing to see them as predators as early as 5 years of age, however knowing that I am doing my part to assist them in becoming functioning youths and adults is rewarding. The empathy, confidentiality and maturity of a medical assistant are definitely needed in this area. I enjoy establishing a rapport with these clients and helping them to find adequate coping skills to deal with their disorders, therefore I would like to work for a psychiatrist.I would not like to work for an emergency phiyicsan for several reasons. I will explain a few. Patients who come to the emergency center typically have serious injuries or trauma. I would not like to have my mind constantly focused on who is coming thru the door and how sever the prognosis is. Knowing myself, I know that would be my focus and I would not be very productive. Also, in the emergency room the staff has to be prepared for anything, I would prefer an area that focuses on a particular specialty. Most importantly, I do not wish to see excessive amounts of blood loss on a regular basis. Actually, not even a minimal amount of blood loss on a regular basis. Giving my opinion and thoughts about this specialty, I would not be an effective employee.

    1. The type of physician I would like to work for is a Pediatrician. Pediatrician’s sptcialey is to work with children. I have been working with children for a long time mainly because I work at a daycare facility. I’ve got to a point where I feel like I can handle anything that will come my way with them. It would also leave me feeling good at the end of the day to know that I have helped in some way to make a child feel better.The type of physician I would not care to work for is a Epidemiologist. Epidemiologist’s specialize in epidemics caused by infections agents and also work with sexually transmitted diseases. I feel if I were to work in this type of sptcialey I would be putting my self at risk of exposure to these infectious agents. Also I would be focusing a lot of my time on trying to not get infected instead of having a steady mind on what I was actually supposed to be doing.

  7. Ingame Name: Luke_Webb

    Steam Name: LAB8

    Age: I turn 6 next month

    Country you live in: Texas

    Why you should be an Admin: My mommy says I’m special.

    1. Would you happen to have any famliy photo’s that were taken in Sterling that you would be willing to share? I live in Sterling and am interested in the history. Any photo’s that also include buildings are of interest.I remember your Aunt Francis and Uncle Dugan and Butch, they lived down the road from me when I was growing up.

  8. Your age is a bit of a worry, however age is just a number (If your age is on the clock you are ready for the cock….right? riiight) Anyways. We shall decide and get back to you at a later date.

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    1. I am currently fisnnhiig up my BA in Child Development and Family Studies and thus far I have only work with children from 2 weeks to adolescent while helping support their families. The Physician that I would want to work under is an Obstetrics (OB) because they are in direct contact with pregnant women and their children during pregnancy. I would choose this particular specialty for a variety of reason such as having the opportunity to see individuals become parent for the first time, seeing how much love is surrounded in the process, being there to help the mothers while there in a vulnerable state. One of my main reasons is because I think that the whole birthing process is fascinating and to be able to be a part of family’s lives while going through this process, I imagine to be extremely rewarding.A of physician specialty that I would least want to work with would be a psychiatrist. Although I believe that psychiatrist do some spectacular work and help a lot of people through difficult situations I personally believe that this job would be to emotionally draining and overwhelming for me. This makes me question whether or not I would be able to handle it. When I set out to do a job my goal is to do the best that I can and I don’t feel that I could successfully do this job to the best of my ability.

  9. Ingame Name: White

    Steam Name: White

    Age: 20

    Country you live in: the Kingdom of Great Britain

    Why you should be an Admin: I am British and it is a birth right. God save the queen.

    1. Since there is so many fields of sletiapcies that I have a choice of, I still really can’t choose one. So I am going base on my personal experiences. My original goal back in high school and maybe even before that, was to work in a Neonatal ICU! I had a brother that passed before he had his first birthday from heart complications, and that year I spent a lot of time at hospitals with my parents. My goal the first couple of years was to work with babies just like him. That was until I had my own children, I would of still loved to have worked in that career field but the heart ache I would most likely endure when one of those babies did not make it home. I could not have handled!On to more positive experiences, I have worked with the elderly and Geriatrics interests me very much. Being surrounded with people that have lived a fulfilled life is so much more rewarding. Even though at times it is the ending stages of their lives, and it is sad when someone does pass. It’s less of a heartache to know that most of the time they are ready to move on. They are still very dependent on you and when you are able to help them with their needs that’s the most rewarding of all, plus you form a special relationship with the patients and their families.

  10. Ingame Name:Michaelsmithern

    Steam Name:Michaelsmithern


    Country you live in:USA

    Why you should be an Admin: Because i keep getting perma banned for idiots that keep walking in front of my gun, also i’d like to say darkassaillant is the main cause of all my troubles

        1. I had a rather hard time cosihong just one type of physician I would want to work for. So many of them fascinate me, and with me not really going into any medical field other than support, I never gave this any thought in the past. After reading the list, I am more favorable of working for a neonatologist. It is difficult to think about how neonatologist physicians sometimes have the most difficult job in the world, but I can only imagine how amazing it would be to be a part of saving a baby’s life. I had a coworker once whose baby was born at 36 weeks, and her baby had a lot of heart and lung problems. There were concerns about whether or not they would ever fully develop once she had him, but after many months in the NICU, and many scares that happened during it, the doctors were able to save him and he is now a very healthy 5 year old. It is because of that I have a higher interest in the neonatologist field.I hate to say which type of physician I would care less to work for, and it is because I worry that many will take it the wrong way. When I was 16, I used to help my mom at an assisted living home as a caregiver. We would get to work at 7:00 A.M. every morning to prepare breakfast for four of the elderly men and women that we were caring for. We would then make sure that all bedding was changed, rooms were cleaned, meals were prepared, and appointments were handled. We worked 12 hour days, and they were always grueling. The owner of the home made sure that everyone had their medicine and made it to their doctor appointments on time. However, she was more worried about getting paid for her services than actually helping the elderly. She would yell at them if they did something wrong, and even call them terrible names. My mom reported her and we both quit our job, but it has always left a sting in my heart since then. It is because of my experience with that situation that I do not think I could ever work for a gerontologist. I know that the situations would be much different, but ever since my experience with caring for elderly individuals it is very hard for me to think about assisting a physician in geriatrics because I worry that someone else might treat the elderly in the same way the owner of the home did. I am a firm believer that the elderly deserve the ultimate care and comfort when going through any treatment and aging in general, but I do not think I could ever work in that environment again.

      1. National Memory Screening DayFree, confidential meormy screenings for anyone concerned about meormy loss and early Alzheimer’s disease detection and intervention, sponsored by Visiting Angels in cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.WHEN:Tuesday November 13 2012Noon 4pmWHERE:Avalon Missionary Church. 1212 Lower Huntington Rd. Fort Wayne IN 46819INFO:National Memory Screening Day is an annual initiative of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA). Visiting Angels is proud to be a partner in this important first step in finding out if someone has a meormy problem, and in helping patients and families become aware of the resources and assistance that is available.While a meormy screening is not a substitute for a consultation with a physician, it can help to determine whether additional testing is warranted. With as many as 5.1 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease, and many more with mild cognitive impairment and dementia, early detection and intervention can be critical to making informed decisions for greater health and quality of life.For more information on meormy screening and resources to assist with ageing in place, cognitive impairment, mild dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease, contact Visiting Angels at 260-482-CARE (2273).

  11. Ingame Name: 57th[C]Cpt_Johann

    Steam Name: [57th]Johann

    Age: 18

    Country you live in: United States

    Why you should be an Admin: Because im ze best around! And nobody gonna keep me down! And I have the man tits of a god ;) wink wink nudge nudge

      1. (I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the corecrt place as I was unable to post it from the Dashboard.)The type of physician I would like to work with is a gerontologist. A gerontologist specializes in caring for the elderly. I have a fondness for our older population. They built out society and lived in a time that many of us can learn from. I would take great pride in caring for them as they age. In my opinion, working with a doctor that shares my passion and excitement would be the ideal work environment.The type of physician I would not be as excited to work with would be a proctologist. To be completely honest, I just don’t think I have what it takes to be in that environment. It’s important to be professional in any medical environment. I believe my sense of humor would not allow me to be as professional as I would need to be. I would also prefer not to work with ophthalmologist. Several years ago I spent a week with my grandfather at a specialist to have cataracts removed. I found it very difficult to watch the videos of my grandfather’s up coming procedures. It wasn’t difficult caring for my grandfather after surgery, but I must admit the pre-op was an experience that I would not want to assist in on a daily bases.

    1. The Concordia Lutheran Church Men’s Club will once again be selling Christmas trees and wthraes this year. The tree lot is located at the Church-School, 4245 Lake Avenue. Christmas tree sales will begin on Friday, November 23rd. The lot will be open 12:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily, except Saturday mornings, when it opens at 9:00 a.m. The proceeds from this fund raiser are used to support various projects and functions of the Concordia Church and school. A selection can be made from Scotch Pine, White Pine, Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, and Blue Spruce. These trees were just cut a couple of weeks ago. Please come see how fresh they are. Decorated and undecorated wthraes are also available. Your patronage would be greatly appreciated.

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